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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Gin Drinkers

Avoid the mistake of making those classic New Year resolutions that never stick and take our advice with these gin themed resolutions instead.

Lose weight.

Did you know that a single (25ml measure) of gin and tonic is around 110 calories whilst a medium-sized glass of 13% wine (175ml) contains 159 calories? The healthier drink option is clear.

Travel somewhere different.

Need an exotic location where they love gin? The Phillipines must be worth a visit. Not only do they drink the most gin in the world, 43% of all the gin drunk in the world is drunk in the Phillipines, but the weather’s not bad too.

Drink less.

You might be surprised to hear that our motto at Gin Festival HQ is “Drink Less, Drink Better!” Buy a jigger, buy better gin (and tonic) and savour the fact that we’re in a golden age of gin!

Learn something new.

Books are a great way to get some in-depth knowledge on your favourite subjects. And we have plenty of books on our favourite subject right here. Yes, that is a blatant plug!

Save money.

So to save money you need to drink cheaper gin. But cheaper gin is horrible right? Not necessarily. Hawthorn’s is an awesome gin, simple and elegant with bright zesty flavours. And at £19 a bottle a huge bargain.

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Gin Drinkers



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