5 More New Gins

We're always on the hunt for delicious new craft gin brands at Gin Festival. Here are 5 new gins we've added to our selection.

1606 Gin

1606 Gin

Fabulously fresh, 1606 Gin is made using natural spring water from Tunbridge Wells.

1606 Gin was conceived in Royal Tunbridge Wells and is made in England – the home of London Dry Gin, by the award-winning Master Distiller at Union Distillery. 1606 Gin is distilled using natural spring water from the South East’s only spa town, Royal Tunbridge Wells, as well as their own, organically grown Spanish lemons and oranges.

A classic juniper-led London Dry Gin, 1606 Gin is flavoursome yet incredibly smooth and delicate. Earthy pine is joined by citrus and a touch of angelica. It finishes on a delightfully peppery note.

Malfy Gin

Malfy Gin A perfectly soft and citrussy gin made using Italian lemons, Malfy Gin is a delight!

With decades of distilling experience and a strong claim that Italy is the original home of gin, Malfy Gin is made by Torino Distillati, or Turin Distillery. A wonderfully vibrant, New Western Gin, Malfy Gin radiates brightly with lemon and citrus zest.

Sharp and dry on the nose with an abundance of fresh lemon and a hint of ginger, Malfy softens on the palate becoming lemon sorbet-like. Despite being a very modern gin, there is noticeable juniper and a touch of black pepper that brings the gin around perfectly.

1911 Gin

1911 Gin1911 Gin is a crisp, clean and smooth gin made from apples grown in Upstate New York.

Based on the same 100-year-old traditions of quality and innovation in apple farming that began when Beak & Skiff Apple orchard was founded, 1911 Spirits are made from apples grown in Upstate New York before being distilled on the same property, in small batches by expert craftsmen.

Taking apples as the heart of their spirits creates a unique level of smoothness and an apple crisp taste. Taking an apple base vodka and a range of traditional botanicals, 1911 Gin is crisp, clean and dry with a delicate smoothness.1911 Gin is made by vaporizing 1911 Vodka and running it through a botanical vessel filled with juniper, coriander and citrus as well as other, secret and specially selected botanicals.


Brilliant Gin

Brilliant GinBrilliant Gin is an aptly named, really brilliant gin!

The Really Brilliant Company, established in 2015, is the beloved product of two two long-time gin connoisseurs who wanted to make really brilliant gin. Brilliant Gin is their gin dreams made reality.

Taking a range of traditional gin botanicals as well as the addition of some rather lovely, contemporary botanicals (like grains of paradise) Brilliant Gin is clean and robust with a gentle dusting of spice and sharp citrus notes.

Big Boss Pink Gin

Big Boss Pink GinBig Boss Pink Gin is a fantastically floral, Portuguese gin with big hits of red fruit flavour.

Neto Costa, who have been making great spirits since 1935, are proud to present their new generation of premium gins. After a long period of research and development, Neto Costa are keeping their fabulous recipe a closely guarded secret.

Taking a secret formula of 13 botanicals and using traditional Portuguese techniques to distil 4 times, Big Boss Pink is a delicate spirit. Fresh, red fruits and gently sweet liquorice, come through clearly, backed by a warm earthiness. Sweetly intense, Big Boss is the epitome of the modern Spanish-style gin.


1606 Gin, Malfy Gin,1911 Gin, Brilliant Gin, Big Boss Pink Gin



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