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The 5 best gins to pair with curry

Brits love a good curry almost as much as a great G&T. So for National Curry Week we’ve created a guide to pair the right gin to your favourite curry.

Chicken tikka masala

Silky, mild and aromatic chicken tikka masala works beautifully with Batch Premium Gin. The cardamom and clove botanicals complement the meal wonderfully, while the fragrance of the frankincense and myrrh adds something extra special.

Lamb rogan josh

Those who favour a lightly spicy curry with a rich, intense flavour will often turn to a lamb rogan josh whose richness is well paired with Ely Dark Chocolate Gin. Some fusion or modern recipes actually call for a little dark chocolate to be added to the recipe and Ely’s offering is beautiful – rich and warm with the gentle sweetness helping to cool any palates that need it!

Prawn jalfrezi

Jalfrezi is another British favourite and we think it’s ideal with Da Mhile Seaweed Gin! While, strictly speaking, jalfrezi refers to the style of cooking rather than an individual dish, a jalfrezi tends to be a spicy, tomato-based, fried dish and the herbal, salty nature of Da Mhile is a perfect match with this. The subtle sea flavours from the seaweed infusion also meshes well with the prawns and there is a light spice to the gin that adds another layer of complexity to the meal.

Chicken korma

Not all curries require chillies or lots of spice and the classic chicken korma is a prime example of that! Gentle, sweet and with a touch of heat and warmth (from the coriander and cumin) a chicken korma is a staple of British curry houses and there is no better gin to drink with it than Hoxton Gin. Bold coconut and juniper, combined like never before, add a lightness to the creamy curry and expand on the coriander flavours without interrupting the overall palate of the meal.

Vegetable balti

While the origin of the vegetable Balti isn’t clear (be it Birmingham or Baltistan) one thing we can agree on is that this fresh, spicy meal is delicious! Served in a thin, wok-like dish, the balti is great with a fresh and zingy West Winds Cutlass Gin & tonic. West Wind’s aromatic offering blends tomatoes, lemon myrtle and juniper to create a savoury and bright gin that’s an excellent choice for a refreshing G&T.

With all this talk of curry, we’re starving! Why not pick up the perfect partner from our gin shop today ready for a Friday night curry club.

The 5 best gins to pair with curry



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