5 Great New Gins

We're always on the hunt for delicious new craft gin brands at Gin Festival. Here are 5 new gins we've added to our selection.

5th Gin Black Air

5th Gin Air

Inspired by ancient mythology Spanish Distillery, Destilleries del Marseme have created 4 new gins that reflect the ancient Greek elements: Earth, Wind, Fire and Air. This new range reflects the innovation and versatility of contemporary Spanish gins whilst paying homage to over 100 years of distilling knowledge, skill and craft.

Black Air is a classic London Dry Gin, indeed,  its a regular celebration of juniper in all its peppery, piney glory. Slightly sour, this is dry, sharp and bitter, a classic gin drinkers gin.

5th Gin Air £34.50

5th Gin Fire

5th Gin Fire 5th Gin Fire is a New Western Style gin dominated by red fruit flavour (including blackberry, blueberry, currant and strawberry). Gooseberry and strawberry come through initially with a mild but noticeable juniper bitterness. This is a fantastically experimental gin that will definitely appeal to those that enjoy a gin with more of a fruit lead flavour such as Brockmans or Sikkim Bilberry.

5th Gin Fire £34.50

5th Gin Earth

5th Gin Earth While the name Earth might imply dryness this is actually a fantastically citrussy gin, as bright and bold in flavour as it is in colour. Powerful and sharp, it is a uniquely lively spirit with orange, lemon, tangerine and grapefruit all being included in its production. In both appearance and taste, 5th Earth Gin is an excellent example of a Spanish-style gin, bold and zesty.

5th Gin Earth 34.50

5th Gin Water

5th Gin Water

A bright and unmistakable turquoise blue, 5th Water Gin has been created using a variety of contemporary distillation techniques. There is a fine balance of floral rose and violet with gentle pepperiness. A thoroughly modern gin that still rests heavily on juniper; strong notes of pine and pepper are beautifully fused with coriander and light florals.

5th Gin Water £34.50

Bulldog Gin

Bulldog Gin

In just a few short years Bulldog has established itself as a modern classic. One of the big success stories of craft gin and we're proud to finally feature it on

Bulldog was founded by Anshuman Vohra, whose passion for rare and exotic gin led him to scour the globe for the botanicals that go into this singular creation (angelica, juniper, lemon, coriander, orris, almond, liquorice, cassia, lavender, white poppy, dragon eye, lotus leaves). Bulldog Gin is smooth and balanced and leans strongly towards citrus. Four times distilled, coriander and citrus peel are most notable. At the same time, floral lavender and lotus leaves mingle with pine and warm cassia with an almost nutty background.

Bulldog Gin £24

Bulldog Gin, 5th Gin Air, 5th Gin Fire, 5th Gin Earth, 5th Gin Water



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