3 Sensational Irish Gins

In honour of St Patrick’s day we’re celebrating the sensational world of Irish Gin.

Dingle, Jawbox and Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin are all refreshing, tasty, original and, most importantly of all, passionate about their Irish roots. Whether it’s finding inspiration for flavours, or using local botanicals, they are flying the flag for Ireland and Northern Ireland.

There are plenty of up-and-coming newbies on the market that we’ll be looking at later on in 2018, but they’ll have to be special to topple these gins from our top 3, sláinte!

Brimming with local flavours, Dingle Gin is beautifully crisp and balanced between a hint of floral and lightly spicy notes.

The Dingle Distillery, in the southwest of Ireland, have been producing tasty artisan spirits since 2012. They are passionate about rekindling independent distilling in Ireland and coming up with this seriously delicious gin has certainly helped!

Dingle has an aroma of pepper and freshly cut grass on the nose with a crisp and floral character that balances wonderfully with spicy juniper, coriander and herbal notes on the palate. The finish is light with a hint of pepper, delicious.

A thoroughly modern London Dry, Jawbox Gin was named in honour of one of Belfast’s lasting legacies. The ‘jawbox’ was the kitchen sink (or even further back, the communal wash sink for the street) where everyone had a chat and a catch up. The boxy shaped sink became known as the jawbox and the hub of the home.

This small batch, single estate, Irish spirit is made using a traditional copper pot still to slowly distil the base spirit. A careful selection of local and exotic botanicals is then added and steeped overnight. This gives a bold flavour while preserving the delicate botanicals.  Enjoy crisp citrus, coriander and a firm pine flavour. This is joined by the quiet complexity of pepper, green angelica and a fine rootiness.

Made with local and Oriental botanicals, ‘Gunpowder’ tea and Irish curiosity, Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin is bright and citrusy with a touch of spice, a fabulous tipple.

The home of The Shed Distillery, creators of Drumshanbo Gunpowder, is deepest rural Ireland, on the edge of a lake in Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim. They were the first in over 100 years to distill in their hometown of Connaught. This gin has roots in both it’s hometown and the ‘Gunpowder’ tea used at distillation - so called because each leaf of the tea is rolled into round pellet that looks like gunpowder!

This is a lightly spiced, faintly floral and particularly citrusy gin. Caraway and star anise work wonderfully with the gunpowder tea (a fresh and spicy green tea) while an array of citrus flavours including lemon, lime, coriander and grapefruit, combine with a notable juniper to give the gin a pleasantly zesty kick, mmmmm.

3 Sensational Irish Gins



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