21 ways to enjoy your gin this summer

The English summer is fast approaching gin lovers. What better way (or 21 ways) to enjoy it than with your favourite beverage in your hand.  

This summer we have some fab deals for you! Because really what would summer be without a G&T? Bag a bargain with our 3 different Gin Festival in a boxes. The cosy, get together and party editions are all perfect excuses to get your gin on! Alternatively, pick up a few bottles on 3 for 2! Choose from Tinker, Pj elderflower/raspberry/dry/apple, Sanction, Burleigh's and Boe Violet
As a team of gin enthusiasts, our family at HQ are super excited to spend their summer evenings and weekends with an ice packed G&T at all possible times. And oh how our team came up with some fab and fun ideas on how you can spend a gin-filled summer. In fact, some of them were so fabulous we just had to share them with you! So from the Gin Festival family to you, here are 21 ways to enjoy your gin this summer.

1. Gin ice lolly happy hour...we’ve even made the recipe for you here

2. Summer shopping spree. We call it ginternet shopping. Why not start with one of our Gin Festival in a box? 

3. Grow your own garnish. Basil, coriander, chilli peppers, lemons, limes, creative!

4. Get outside, every day.5. Come meet the team and go to a Gin Festival. Try all of our sipping on summer gins here. 

6. Sunbathing. Of course. Keep cool with an icy G&T.

7. Start the holiday vibes with a taste of the Mediterranean. Tinker is a suitcase must have!

8. Watch the sunset. Even the sunset with a sanction sunrise placed happily in your hand. 9. A trip to the coast is a no brainer. Do you actually remember a summer that didn't involve fish N chips and arcade games? Gin up your childhood memories by adding a seaside inspired G&T to your next coastal adventure. 

10. Find YOUR own gin bar. A pub crawl is a great way to find new, amazing bars that quickly become your go to and replace a pint at the local. Find a bar you could happily sit in for hours sipping on G&Ts. 

11. Go to a music festival.

12. Read a good summer book with a gin that suits that genre. We also have a few gin books that make the perfect evening read. 13. Gin cocktail party. Here is the perfect starter kit.

14. Garden tasting party. Take advantage of our 3 for 2 sipping on summer offer with a few mates. 

15. Picnic. Gin will make that picnic a little bit more interesting.

16. BBQ. Gin will take the taste away from them over done sausages.

17. Watch sport... G&T can stand for Go Team!

18. Garden games. This one could get very, very competitive. Especially if you involve a few little tipples. 

19. Go camping!

20. After work gin. A 5.thristypm gin was a common favourite in HQ.

21. Do something creative, gin increases your creativity so be crafty, arty or just let the gin work it’s magic. 

How are you enjoying you gin filled summer days? Why not tell us on social media? We are ready and waiting to chat on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Just hashtag #sippingonsummer and tag @ginfestival!


21 ways to enjoy your gin this summer



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