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16 Times Mum Needs a Gin and Tonic

Kids may cause problems but we couldn’t love them any less, however there are some times when you might wish gin & tonic could help out.

  1. When you know baby has been sick, you can smell the sick but don't
    know where it is until you get into your pjs that night. #sickinbra
  2. When, with every effort made to be somewhere on time (for once) baby decides he doesn't like chosen outfit and successfully poops EVERYWHERE... How does it get up to the shoulders?
  3. When someone says "oh you must have loads of time if you’re just looking after a baby."
  4. When someone gives child rearing advice and they have no kids .
  5. When people advise on the next stage that baby will sleep "through" and it's all lies!
  6. When baby is crying in a public place and another parent looks at you smugly because theirs is asleep.
  7. When your teenage daughter bursts through the door, tears streaming down her face to tell you that Zayn has left One Direction…
  8. You and your partner are all dressed up, the cab is booked, table is reserved and the babysitter cancels. Gin & Tonic Mummy's Little Helper
  9. When you’ve booked a family holiday but your teenager refuses to go because there is no Wi-Fi.
  10. When finally the house has gone quiet but you can’t relax as that means the real trouble is surely about to begin.
  11. When they ran out of paper to draw on….so used the wallpaper.
  12. When that bolognese you slow-cooked for hours ended up on the floor, kitchen blinds, the furniture, and you but none went in your toddler's mouth.
  13. When they want to watch Frozen again.
  14. When braiding your daughters hair, you find a louse. Time for haircuts for the entire family.
  15. When you make them their favourite dinner only to discover they don’t like it anymore.
  16. When you make them their favourite dinner but the peas are touching the mashed potato so surely everything is ruined forever!
16 Times Mum Needs a Gin and Tonic



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