11 Problems only gin collectors understand.

With so many new gins being released, my own collection has now hit 250, it’s a wonderful time to be a Gin Collector, but it’s not without problems.

After a trade visit to Manchester where I discussed the beautiful, new bottle design from Warner Edwards, with Mr Sion Edwards himself, my heart skipped a beat when I realised that that’s 4 more bottles to sit on the ever expanding gin shelf (alright...shelves) taking up space at home. Marie is likely to kill me!

On the train home, I thought about this and all the other problems we have as gin collectors and decided, in true internet fashion, to make a list of them.

  • Being behind that “Gin Wanker” in a pub spouting on about a gin you know has been out for many years as if it’s brand new.

Yes, I have heard of Hendricks since you asked.

  • Having to visit a distillery in some far-off desolate part of the country just because they make a gin only available from that one location and won’t post it out!

  • Going abroad and finding a local shop with lots of gins you haven't got and only limited space in your bag to take back on the plane. Seriously considering leaving your clothes in the hotel to fit more in?

This is all I need right?

  • Running out of space to store them? Our kitchen is better stocked than every bar in my town!

  • Going to a gin tasting and every gin there is one you have! (This inspired so it’s not all that bad right?)


  • When your in-laws ask you what gin you don’t have that they can buy you for Christmas. That awkward silence (and glazed expression) when you mention some far off gin you’ve struggled to purchase!

  • When your lovely parents decide to buy you a bottle of bog standard Gordons because they know you love gin.

Thanks Mum.

  • Going into a shop and noticing that a certain bottle has a lower handwritten number than your one. Surely you have to buy it right?

  • The money! Gin isn’t cheap (thank you Mr Taxman!). If I spent all this money on something productive, I’d have had a social life prior to putting on the Gin Festivals.

  • Brand refreshes…. yet another new bottle to go alongside your old ones.

  • Finding a gin collector with, the horror, more gins than you! That feeling of shortcoming when you step into a place like the old bell in Saddleworth. .. inspiring and infuriating in equal amounts.

I want them all!

  • After all that pain and misery, I think I need a nice big gin.

by Jym Harris, The Gin Collector

11 Problems only gin collectors understand.



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