The 11 Best Looking Gin Bottles

You know we love tasting lots of different gins at Gin Festival HQ *hic*. However, we’re not afraid to admit that looks matter and before you taste the gin, you fall in love with the bottle. We’ve put our heads together and come up with a list of the 11 best looking gin bottles on the market right now.

11 Best looking Gin Bottles

Aviation American Gin
Inspired by and named after the classic American cocktail so popular pre-prohibition, the Aviation bottle design is modelled on the 1920s art deco style. It’s sleek, geometric inspired lines and retro single propellor plane providing a cool backdrop to the Ryan Reynolds owned gin:  

"I've tried every gin on the planet and Aviation is, hands down, the best. Also, I don't recommend trying every gin on the planet. Stick with this one."

Designed to mix perfectly in a G&T, the Aviation or any other cocktail that you love, Aviation American Gin is silky and dry, with a slight sweetness, well balanced by the fabulous range of botanicals (including lavender and sarsaparilla). Vanilla quickly comes through on the nose with the aroma of cedar nuts slowly following, gorgeous.

Santamania London Dry​ Gin
This bottle design just oozes European chic. The doodles that cover it all mean something to the 3 Spanish makers; the music they listened to while making the gin, their wives and kids names, Spanish symbols, names of their stills and loads more. Putting them all on a frosted bottle really makes the whole design pop and the red base adds a dash of Spanish devil-may-care colour.

Santamanía loosely translates as stubborn perfectionist and they are definitely on a mission of perfection, using only the finest ingredients to create their gorgeously crisp London Dry! Made using a Tempranillo grape base that infuses the gin with soft flavour, then adding sweet liquorice, tart citrus peel, warm spice and a touch of rosemary, finished with the signature roasted pistachio and raspberry.

Tinker Gin
This bottle beautifully echoes the fruity botanicals and easy drinking flavour of Tinker Gin. It is bold, bright and full of sunshine. The die cut, foiling and high build spot UV all combining to create a gorgeously tactile label. A contemporary look that reflects the creative, light gin.

Tinker Gin is beautifully crafted, refreshingly light and fruity, packed with bright citrus and sherbet notes, showcasing the signature use of elderberry. The 40% ABV is stealthily integrated, providing a finish that is alarmingly smooth! Sit back and relax with this extremely tasty easy-drinker. Serve in a balloon glass, with lots of ice and a slice of pear, to release that fruity flavour.

11 Best looking Gin Bottles

Burleigh’s Export Strength
Burleigh’s are proud of their British heritage and use botanicals found on long walks in their local woods, so it’s no surprise their bottle is classic, yet bold. Using a Victorian style font, the Union flag and just 2 colours, with the red top popping against the black bottle this is a simple, statement design that we love at Gin Festival HQ!

Perfect in G&Ts, Negronis and Martinis, Burleigh’s Export Strength is a full bodied, flavoursome gin. Bright juniper, (backed up by sweet herbal notes) carries through from the nose onto the palate. With bold juniper and citrus in abundance, there’s also a sense of sweet, floral spice, of pepper and pine. Lemon citrus is notable in the long, dry finish.

Kuro London Dry Gin
This translucent, black bottle, with bold, geometric style design is a thing of beauty! Kuro’s creators were inspired by a skiing trip to Japan and their gin reflects the inspiration, from the botanicals, to the bottle design. Adding silver birch bark, spruce needles and bamboo activated charcoal, to a traditional London Dry base. It’s the charcoal that gives Kuro its name and the bottle it’s colour - literally translating as ‘black’ in Japanese!

Kuro is beautifully aromatic, you can taste the mountain fresh botanicals in this gorgeously clean, savoury, London Dry. The charcoal and silver birch are perfectly balanced against a classic, complex, base for a beautifully crisp and refreshing G&T.

Warner Edwards Harrington Dry Gin
Created by 2 English and Welsh friends, the gorgeous illustrations on this bottle reflects both them and their gin. Starting with the English lion and Welsh dragon, united in drinking a martini at the centre, right down to the 2 quotes inspired by their stills Curiosity and Satisfaction. This is a playful, good looking bottle that’ll look fabulous on your gin shelf!

The creators didn’t just unite England and Wales on the bottle, the ingredients come from both of their family farms! Home-grown elderflower, from the beautiful area that gives Harrington Dry it’s name, adds a touch of floral fruit to this deliciously dry and aromatic gin. It’s exceedingly well balanced with an initial hit of black pepper and woody juniper. A fruity body with cardamom and liquorice, lies alongside a solid, traditional gin base. Ginger and lemon oil come through in the long, dry finish.

11 Best looking Gin Bottles

Brockmans Premium Gin
Most of you will recognise this one, but have you ever stopped to look at the bottle design? From the ‘B’ signature set in a cartouche front and centre, to the inset, die cut labels and tactile cross-hatched embossing, this is a classy bottle!

Seductively smooth and well balanced with the warming character of blackberries Brockmans Premium Gin has a soft, warming taste thanks to the addition of blackberries and blueberries. A distinctively, soft flavour that works just as well with ginger ale as it does with tonic.

Dodd’s Gin
This gorgeous label reflects the story and ethos of Dodd’s Gin creators, London Distillery Company. No stone is left unturned with this bottle, even the type of printing used is high-end letterpress - leaving an embossed impression of the letters for a touchy feely label.

The name of the gin, geometric shapes and design on the label are a tribute to Ralph Dodd, an engineer and entrepreneur born in the 18th century. He had a vision to produce the best quality spirits without any adulteration. Ralph’s Intended London Distillery Company never got off the ground but it’s history is celebrated on this contemporary label.

Made using organic botanicals, and at almost 50%, Dodd's Gin is a robust and impressive spiced gin. This fantastic juniper forward spirit is ideal for a G&T!

The Botanist Gin
The Botanist took a simple idea and made it look and feel gorgeous - they have used the botanical names and illustrations of ingredients in their gin on the bottle. The raised, embossed letters give a fantastic tactile feel and are similar to old school apothecary bottles, with a list of medical ingredients. We love the idea that this could be our spoonful of medicine everyday!

The Botanist Gin explodes with flavours before you’ve even had a sip, opening with fresh mint, spices and a bright citrus fragrance. Smooth in body and rich and mellow to taste, a citrus freshness is apparent, allowing a range of classic gin flavours to open up, ending with a comfortingly warm finish.

11 Best looking Gin Bottles

Edinburgh Rhubarb and Ginger Liqueur
This relatively new bottle design makes the gin look even more appetising. The bottle shape is sleeker and the label designs feature beautiful and simple illustrations of the lead botanicals, including the thistle - a tribute to the Scottish roots. The embossed lettering and design lines at the base complement the label and make the bottle easier to hold - handy!

A classic pairing, Edinburgh Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur is sweet and fruity, balanced by a delicate warmth and spicy finish. Tangy, spring rhubarb is macerated with ginger and lemon zest before being infused with Edinburgh Gin to create a rose-hued tipple. Its intoxicating warmth is evocative of cosy nights by the fire and hearty winter puddings.

Slingsby Rhubarb Gin
The clever people at Slingsby have created a good looking bottle to match their popular Rhubarb gin. The square bottle shape really showcases the design that celebrates Harrogate, Yorkshire and the origins of Slingsby against the bold, red background of the gin. The embossed signature of their namesake W. Slingsby and frosted bottle make sure this also feels, as well as looks, fantastic.

Slingsby Rhubarb Gin begins with a wonderful combination of rhubarb and raspberry, each treading the balance between sweet and tart. Pink grapefruit and a very mellow juniper follow before the tart, dry finish.

So, what do you think of our top picks? Did we choose your favourite? We’d love to know what your list of best looking gin bottles would include. Post your favourites on our facebook and instagram pages #bestlookingginbottles.

The 11 Best Looking Gin Bottles



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